WolfVision VZ-8light4 1080P Desktop Visualizer

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CMOS 1080p Desktop Visualizer

  • 30 Fps at native 1080p HD resolution.
  • Easy To Use / Zoom Wheel
  • No Light Adjustments Necessary
  • Large Zoom Range
  • Live Image Preview Monitor
  • Unique Folding System
  • 220° Tilt Range of Camera
  • Recordings Behind the Unit
  • Recordings in Front of the Unit, with Image Flip
  • Outstanding Picture Quality
  • High Resolution, sRGB Color Precision
  • 100% Reflection free Working Surface
  • Optional dry-erase working surface
  • Firmware Updates Via USB / LAN
  • USB Devise Port / Connectivity Software
  • LAN Port / Additional Network features
  • Computer Input (HDMI)
  • External Controlling
  • Integrated Seamless Switching
  • Optional infrared remote control
  • Smartphone Remote Control App
  • Optional user defined settings on USB stick
  • Optimized for Videoconferencing and Telepresence
  • PoE - Power over Ethernet
  • Adjustable Standby Modes
  • Anti-theft Devices
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Mega Pixels (MP)2.0 Megapixels62.2 Megapixels
Digital Zoom2 x2 x
Optical Zoom14 x12 x


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