Promethean is a global education technology company that improves learning productivity by developing, integrating, and implementing innovative 21st-century learning environments that help make everyone more engaged, empowered, and successful. Promethean offers an entire portfolio of award-winning solutions for connected classrooms– software, apps, content, interactive devices, and professional development for teachers and administrators.

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Promethean is a manufacturer of innovative interactive solutions that can trace its roots all the way back to the very beginning of the use of interactive technology in education. With this, Promethean has developed revolutionary technology that brings modern technology to the classroom including the integration of personal devices such as iPad, Android tablets, Chromebooks & more. The primary focus of all Promethean products is to engage, fuel communication and learning within a classroom environment.

While Promethean did start in the K-12 education industry, they understand that engaging and adaptive technology is an important tool in other applications including business and government sectors. With this understand, Promethean has expanded their product features with useful tools designed for use outside of the K-12 environment.

Software Solutions

Promethean's software solutions are designed to energize your learning environment and maximize the return on classroom technology.

ClassFlow is free, collaborative learning software for the modern classroom that simplifies the way teachers discover, create, and deliver interactive learning -- and makes it easier than ever to share classroom content with parents.

Interactive Flat Panels

Promethean's all-new ActivPanel creates a captivating, tablet-like surface for the front of the modern classroom. The award-winning ActivPanel is powered by a revolutionary, upgradeable Android processor that transforms the traditional projection display into an intelligent hub that unleashes the power of teacher and student connectivity.

Interactive Whiteboard Systems

Promethean’s interactive whiteboards combined with our award-winning teaching software creates an engaging and interactive learning experience in the classroom.

The ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch functionality, a dry-erase surface and award-winning software to foster a truly interactive learning experience. It provides teachers with a wide range of tools to support their daily instruction while respecting tight budgets.

Interactive Table

The Promethean ActivTable is a multi-user, multi-touch interactive table designed to promote student collaboration, engagement and student-led learning. The ActivTable’s intuitive touch interface allows up to six students to simultaneously access a wealth of ready-to-use educational activities, tools and resources.