WolfVision VZ-8plus³ Visualizer

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WolfVision VZ-8plus³ 1CCD SXGA 720p HD Visualizer. Picture Memory. Remote, SXGA+, SXGA and SVGA Image Formats

  • Offers a Native SXGA and 720p High Definition Resolution
  • No Focus and Light Adjustments Necessary
  • Camera Head, Zoom Wheel and Easy Handling Concepts
  • 220? Tilt Range of Camera
  • Can record in front or at the back of the unit
  • 100% Reflection free Working Surface
  • The Unique Folding System allows it to be set/packed up in seconds
  • Firmware Updates through RS232 or USB
  • 24x Zoom (12x Optical and 2x Digital)
  • USB 2.0 Port and a Slide Drawer
  • Offers a wide range of connectors and DVI-ports
  • Twain, Video Capture and AVI playback capability
  • ''Image Turn'' Mode for Higher Resolution
  • Special Surface for Transparencies
  • 9 Picture Memory
  • Optimized for Video Conferencing
  • Text Enhancer and Negative/Negative-Blue Effects
  • Computer Input (Internal/External Switch)
  • Feature a Table Lock Bolt and a Kensington? Lock
  • Includes Infrared Remote Control and allows External Controlling Serial RS232 and USB
  • Weighs 11.0 pounds
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