WolfVision VZ-5F Visualizer

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WolfVision VZ-5F Portable 1CCD Video Visualizer

  • Smart High Speed Autofocus (''thinking'' system): Recognizes all objects quickly and precisely to determine where the focus should be set
  • Easy to Use: Only 5 Buttons on the Unit
  • 18 x optical zoom: Pick up objects as large as an open book and as small as a coin on the working surface
  • A built-in video camera offers a resolution of 470 TV-lines and the top picture quality that can be achieved with PAL or NTSC video technology
  • Smart auto white balance enables lifelike color reproduction and prevents disturbing color changes during presentations
  • Records outside of the working surface when the camera head and light of the visualizer are turned to accommodate large objects
  • Produces a very strong, clear and stable picture when the visualizer is used as a document camera for videoconferencing systems
  • Special surface for transparencies: A special crystalline white working surface for perfect reproduction of transparencies has the same even color, providing a perfect background for transparencies and other objects
  • Unique Folding System sets up in seconds
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