WolfVision VZ-57plus Visualizer

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WolfVision VZ-57plus 3CCD 3x XGA Progressive Scan Professional Visualizer

  • 3-CCD Progressive Scan Camera
  • 64 x Zoom (16x Optical and 4x Digital). Powerful enough to pick up objects as large as an open book or as small as a stamp
  • Native Outputs: (real 3-CCD) XGA (1024x768)
  • 30 Pictures per Second: All current Wolf Vision Visualizer models can now pick up 30 pictures (frames) per second
  • High depth of focus for working with larger 3-dimensional objects. Equipped with One-Push-Autofocus for the rare occasion that an adjustment is needed
  • Shadow Free Illumination: As the camera and the light projector are situated side by side within the Visualizer and follow the same path
  • Special light system illuminates hollow objects, no light adjustments are needed
  • 100% Reflection Free
  • ''Image Turn'' Mode provides higher resolution
  • Synchronized Lightfield adjusts while zooming in and out
  • The visualizerapos;s high end scaler enables wide screen support
  • 9 picture memory equipped with a battery backup, so pictures remain in the memory for 1-4 weeks even with no power
  • Four different ways control the unit from external devices: Serial RS232, USB, Ethernet (LAN) and Infrared
  • Computer input switch (loop-through, or scaled to DVI)
  • Live picture to freeze picture comparison on two monitors or screens with just one Visualizer
  • Motorized arm and top mirror controllable by pressing the up/down keys on the infrared remote control from anywhere in the room.
  • Recordings outside the working surface at any distance from the unit
  • Halogen Light with constant light spectrum, for true color reproduction
  • Intelligent Automatic Lamp Changer
  • Constant Sync Signal on all Outputs - No image distortion when switching the image on and off
  • Laser Center Marker
  • Infrared Remote Control with laser pointer
  • Firmware upgradeable through RS232,USB or Ethernet
  • Text Enhancer / Negative / Negative-Blue
  • Optimized for Video Conferencing
  • Kensington lock and lock bolt
  • Three year warranty
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