WolfVision LB-38 Lightbox

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WolfVision LB-38 Lightbox 11.8"x 8.3"

  • Specially designed for dark transparent material like x-rays, color separating or oversized slides.
  • Perfect for large scale slides and x-rays
  • EYE series cameras can use a lightbox for xrays, transparencies and slides
  • Useful for large x-rays or slides with a Ceiling Visualizer or EYE-camera
  • The extra large LB-38 lightbox is useful for extremely large x-rays when dealing with Professional Wolf Vision Visualizers
  • Wolf Vision guarantees a maximum viewing quality on gray scale and true colors
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ProductWolfVision LB-38 WolfVision LB-38 Lightbox 11.8"x 8.3"WolfVision LB-9 WolfVision LB-9 Lightbox 16.9"x14.1"
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