WolfVision EYE-12 Camera

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WolfVision EYE-12 1CCD SXGA-720p HD High Resolution Live Image Camera

  • Top quality CCD camera with 1280 x 960 pixels at 30 frames per second!
  • 30 non-interlaced frames per second with practically no difference in the smoothness of motion in comparison to PAL/NTSC video cameras.
    But the resolution is much higher!
  • Native SXGA- resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3
  • The EYE-12 outputs native 720p HD (High Definition) with 1280 x 720 pixels and a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. Using a display device with 1280 x 960 (or more) pixels, 820 lines of resolution are visible on your screen.
  • A High End Scaler can scale the picture at the image source
  • Auto resolution recognizes units connected to the DVI and RGB output and automatically selects the perfect output mode.
  • Widescreen Compatibility: All widescreen projectors, monitors or plasma displays on the market can display at least one of the EYE-12 output standards
  • Firmware Upgradable Widescreen Support: Keep up to date with the ''Technology of Tomorrow''. If new standards come up in the future, Wolf Vision will be there with Firmware Updates.
  • Trigger Function: Trigger mode will freeze an image by the EYE-12, the exact image is recorded. A new image is shown only when it receives a trigger signal from an external unit such as a light barrier
  • Store up to 9 images and recall them by just pressing one of the numerical keys on the infrared remote control
  • Improve the readability of text with Negative / Negative-Blue / BW
  • Optimized for Video Conferencing
  • The EYE-12 meets the high requirements of the sRGB color standard
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