WolfVision EYE-10 Camera

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Wolf Vision EYE-10 1CCD XGA Progressive Scan Live Image Camera

  • Can pick up 30 non-interlaced frames per second, with practically no difference in the smoothness of motion
  • 24x zoom (12x optical + 2x digital)
  • XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels). Much higher resolution than PAL/NTSC video can provide
  • Features the following connectors: RGB, RS-232, Power, External IR-Receiver
  • Downloading firmware updates from the internet and uploaded them into the camera
  • Store four images and recall them by just pressing one of the numerical keys on the infrared remote control
  • Unit is equipped with a T-Lock (Kensington Lock) anti-theft device
  • Large and clearly arranged keys on both the remote control and integrated keypad
  • 3 year warranty

State of the Art Picture Quality:
Outstanding picture quality achieved through a perfect combination of these three elements:
  • High End Electronics
  • High Resolution CCDs
  • High Resolution Lenses (with perfect edge focus and a large optical zoom range)
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