WolfVision VZ-9 Series

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WolfVision VZ-9 Series

Key central component option of our vSolutionVZ-9-tn

The WolfVision VZ-9 Series transform the way multimedia content can be handled during presentations. The VZ-9 Series come with integrated WLAN and audio, and both models feature onboard HD recording functionality that allows complete multimedia presentation and lecture content to be captured.

These visualizers are a key central component option of our vSolution: a solution which offers a flexible combination of Visualizer hardware, software, and accessories - supporting more effective communication and collaboration, through advanced but easy-to-use presentation technology.

Lecture Capture Made Easy

Visualizers feature onboard recording functionality that allows entire presentations and lectures to be captured including the audio. They offer a quick and easy solution for in-house production of training videos or lecture capture. There's no necessity to set up a tripod, lights, microphones , or anything else. The VZ-9 Series Visualizers provide an impressive 'all-in-one' HD recording solution.

Built-in Microphone / Line in

A built-in microphone is provided for recording audio, and a line in also allows for external audio sources to be recorded if required.

Wireless Connectivity

VZ-9 Series Visualizers come with a WLAN stick (on request, free of charge) which provides wireless connectivity using either 2.4GHz or 5GHz channels. This provides for quick and easy connection to wifi enabled smartphones or laptops, and also enables our vSolution Connect for iPad app to be used in combination with these units.

Efficient Knowledge Transfer via Streaming

VZ-9 Series Visualizers or connected WolfVision vSolution Link software can stream out video and audio to computers, tablets, or smartphones on the internal network or the internet using either H.264, Motion JPEG, or RTP Motion JPEG modes. An external device receiving the Visualizer's stream can also be used as a larger control monitor.

More Recording Options - Rotating Camera Head!

WolfVision's VZ-9 Series Visualizers can record almost anywhere in front of or behind the unit. The rotating camera head allows recordings to be made from virtually any angle, and high-grade mechanical components provide a stable mount for the camera, ensuring shake-free recordings in all camera positions. Sometimes a different viewing angle than the normal working position is required. In such cases the Visualizer arm can be easily folded down as far as necessary enabling objects to be picked up from virtually any angle.

Write on your Visualizer!

Self-adhesive dry-erase working surfaces are available as optional accessory items. Once fixed to the working surface you can easily write and erase using suitable whiteboard markers and erasers. This enables the Visualizer to be used as a whiteboard or 'digital flipchart', and of course this handwritten material can also be included in recordings.