WolfVision VZ-8 Series

WolfVision VZ-8neo Document Cameras
  • Mega Pixels: 62.2 Megapixels
  • Digital Zoom Doc: 2 x
  • Optical Zoom: 12 x
  • Video Outputs: 1X HDMI
  • Inputs: 1 X HDMI
  • Focus-1: Auto, Manual

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WolfVision VZ-8 Series

Feature a superb native 1080p HD camera

WolfVision's popular VZ-8 Series Visualizer systems have become a worldwide standard in a large number of universities, schools and enterprises in recent years. The latest fourth generation VZ-8 Series units build on this outstanding success, they come with an elegant redesigned housing, feature a superb native 1080p HD camera, and are equipped with WolfVision's new YSOP1 image processing engine.

Easy To Use / Zoom Wheel

For basic operation users only need to use the zoom wheel on top of the camera head (or the zoom keys on the remote control) as everything else (focus, brightness control, etc) is adjusted automatically. Two-speed zooming provides maximum accuracy, and continuous autofocus recognizes all objects quickly and precisely. For special objects manual focusing is also available.

Impressive Zoom Range

A large optical zoom range gives best imaging results, and enables objects to be picked up in full resolution. The 14x optical zoom picks up objects as large as an open book and as small as a postage stamp in full size to easily fill the screen. For enlarging even smaller objects the Visualizer also offers 2x digital zoom.

High Resolution, sRGB Color Precision

WolfVision's VZ-8 Series Visualizers feature a high definition CMOS 1080p Full HD camera with sRGB color precision and native 1080p HD resolution.

Unique Folding System

The Visualizer can be set up in seconds. A gentle tug lifts the arm and light into the working position, and just as easily, it folds back down for storage during or after a presentation. The units fit perfectly in a drawer because when folded the height is only 137mm / 5.39"