Samsung UF-80 XGA Document Camera

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Digital Presenter (700968)

  • 14X optical zoom lens and 3X digital zoom
    By adopting 14X super optic angle zoom lens, it is possible to shoot all materials from the size of a 35mm film to A4 size.
  • Adopting 850,000 pixels CCD
    By adopting 1/3 inch PS type CCD, the high resolution and the excellent color reappearance are realized.
  • Can control USB 2.0/1.1 and RS-232C
    Especially by using USB, it is possible to view or store the real time image in a PC and control the functions in a moment. Also it is possible to control the functions by using RS-232C port.
  • DVI port imbedded
    By adopting DVI(Digital Video Interactive) output port UF-80 presents vivid and noise-less images.
  • Remote controller is a standard feature
    Remote controller is supplied as a standard feature for the product so that it can be manipulated from a distance. Thus it is very convenient during a conference.
  • Optional Lightbox
    You can select the Lightbox as a option when you need to use a transparency films, slides.
  • Various image control
    Digital features on your Digital Presenter provide useful and various image controls including:
    • Brightness and Red/Blue color control
    • Image rotation
    • Image save/recall
    • Image freeze
    • Image divide
  • Input source selection
    You can quickly switch to your computer and the presenter with the INT/EXT button on the control panel or on the remote controller.
  • Custom user settings
    To avoid from any interruption of presentation to reset the digital presenter, you can preset up to 4 customized settings in the memory and simply recall it during the presentation.
  • Support to GUI menu system
    UF-80 supports GUI menu system to control various functions of digital presenter with mouse operation.
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