Mimio brings engaging, effective, and affordable educational technologies and solutions to classrooms worldwide. It's a better way to learn.

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Simply teaching

Mimio began in 1997 with a singular philosophy: to make learning more engaging for students, with technology that makes it easier for teachers to do what they do best - teach.

Mimio was born by way of some very creative thinkers at MIT. Using engineering problem/solution methodology, they realized that students were so occupied with furious note-taking, they weren’t fully paying attention to their lessons. Then they wondered, "What if there was a way to obtain the whiteboard notes, formulas, and drawings without having to write everything down?" Their passion for discovery led them to invent what became the MimioCapture™ tracking system. Students could finally concentrate on each lesson, and obtain the notes afterward.

As Mimio grew, numerous breakthrough innovations helped educators focus more on teaching and students concentrate more on learning. The result has been a long history of educational awards and worldwide recognition.

Leadership in education. Today and tomorrow.

Today, DYMO/Mimio is a global leader in interactive teaching technologies. And we haven’t stopped exploring the future, seeking answers that initially seem impossible. We’ve invested years of research. We’ve linked world-class engineers with top educators. All to develop solutions that set exciting new standards for the industry.

The result is the brand-new MimioClassroom™ family of products, our best teaching tools ever. The complications of other interactive technologies have been eliminated. Replaced by a fully integrated system that allows you to add the tools you need, when you need them. And that allows more active participation by students to improve their learning.

Imagine being able to focus on teaching because the technology doesn’t get in the way—it makes it easier. Imagine students who learn more because it's more fun. That’s what we think about every day, and it’s the reason why Mimio products stand apart in the world of interactive teaching.

A better way to learn

Whether it's whole-group or small-group instruction, summative and formative assessment, collaborative learning, or personalized instruction, Mimio software and hardware help teachers put these strategies into action, easily and affordably.

Teacher-Led Learning

Every Mimio product is designed to put students at the center of the educational environment, so they're more engaged, more collaborative, and more motivated. But the teacher still drives the instruction. So we make teaching easier and more rewarding, and learning more exciting. When technology is at its best, it paves the way, rather than getting in the way. Teachers can do what they do best – simply teach.

Assessment of Learning

Differentiating instruction is one of the keys to student achievement. But in order to personalize learning, teachers need to perform real-time summative and formative assessment. Teachers can do just that with one of two options: the MimioVote assessment, or your school’s mobile devices equipped with the MimioMobile app. They can adjust their lessons accordingly, and use the data to direct small-group or individualized instruction as necessary.

Collaborative Learning

Mimio’s advanced software and mobile app facilitate student collaboration, which empowers them to work together in developing critical thinking skills and building their knowledge across all curricular areas. These skills are essential for their future success and align to the new U.S. Common Core State Standards. Whether it’s two students working together or many more, they help each other learn more effectively through collaboration.

Personalized Learning

Mimio has designed the technology and software to create the learning environments that work best for each classroom and student. And Mimio assessment tools let educators gauge in real time what their students are comprehending – to give them the information they need to meet every student’s needs. Personalizing the learning experience may mean delving further into a topic in whole-group instruction, breaking students off in small groups, or covering a subject in more detail with individual students. With the help of Mimio tools, educators can create a more engaging and effective classroom.