Lumens PS600 Remote Control

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XGA Desktop Visual Presenter

  • 22 fps Live Progressive Video Output - The PS600 is equipped with a high-speed ASIC chip to captures images at 22 frames per second. With this high frame rate ASIC, user can enjoys a real-time live image output without flickering.
  • Seamless Switch between PC and Camera Video output - The PS600 has a built-in seamless video switches which enable seamless video source switching between live video from the presenter and the computer.
  • No Hot Spot - The PS600 is equipped with a pair of flexible lamps, which can be rotated to multiple angles to avoid potential hot spots and shadows caused by any fixed external illumination
  • Split Screen for Side by Side Image Display - The PS600 can displays live captures and the image from Build-in memory from earlier captures at the same time for side-by-side comparison.
  • Built-in CF Card Reader/Writer for Additional Storage - Beside the build-in 64 pages memory, PS600 also offers a CF memory card reader/writer for your unlimited expansion need.
  • Built-in Ethernet Port for Remote Control - The PS600 is equipped with an Ethernet LAN port, You can remote control PS600 through Ethernet connection.
  • Up to 64 Images Storage - Built-in function can captures and stored up to 64 images internally. And play back as a slide show.
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