Hitachi is a leading global electronics company that supplies high-performance multimedia products like projectors to provide the ideal digital presentation solution for business and education.

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High quality and advanced digital presentation solutions

As one of the leading provider of digital presentation solutions, Hitachi offers a comprehensive range of projectors, designed to suit your space and projection needs. Whether it is maximizing screen size in a small room, limiting shadowing and glare or maximizing image quality in a large space, Hitachi has a data projector for every purpose.

Hitachi in the USA

Hitachi’s history with the U.S. dates back to 1926 when Hitachi first exported 30 electric fans to the U.S. Hitachi America, Ltd. was established in 1959 as a regional subsidiary, and the first Hitachi manufacturing facility in the U.S. opened in 1977. Today, Hitachi’s presence and commitment to the U.S. economy has grown to 94 group companies, 14 major R&D facilities, 19 main manufacturing sites and over 20,000 employees.

Hitachi serves diverse market segments in the U.S. with a broad range of business and education solutions aimed at benefiting every individual in business and education.

Ultimate short throw

Hitachi pioneered the concept of what are today commonly known as Ultra Short Throw projectors. Using a series of mirrors and some clever engineering we were able to produce a projector which solved three fundamental challenges for educators and presenters everywhere:

Eliminate eye glare: Standing in front of a room, addressing an audience also means being in direct path of a projector light beam, not the best idea for people who need to do this regularly. An ultra-short throw projector places you in front of the light beam, meaning no sore eyes anymore!
Decrease screen shadows: Similarly when a presenter gestures to visual content or interacts with the image, traditional projectors would cast a large shadow across the screen, blocking the content. Ultra short throw projectors solve this problem by creating a relatively shadow free area around the content you’re gesturing or interacting with.
Small rooms, large images: Typically, a small room was doomed to every only be able to have a tiny image if projection was required. However with an ultra-short throw projector, that is no longer the case. A Hitachi ultra-short throw projector can produce an 80” screen size from less than 55cm from the screen.

Large venue projection:

The large venue range of projectors feature excellent resolution, high brightness, advanced networking capability and a wide array of unique Hitachi projector functions, making them the perfect choice for large spaces. These projectors are designed for flexible installation and reduced maintenance cycle, while offering excellent picture quality and Hitachi's legendary reliability.