Dukane manufactures electronics and presentation equipment for education. They have products ranging from projectors to document cameras, charging carts, and mobile presentation systems.

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Dukane is an American company serving the education, corporate, government and house of worship markets for over 85 years

Dukane provides audio and visual products that help people communicate with education products used for accessories used for businesses, government functions, places of worship, as well as educational institutions across the country.

They have been hard at work for over fifty years, creating products ranging products range from document cameras to underwater communication devices. Dukane is organized according to three divisions which offer such diverse products as audio visual presentation products and ultrasonic thermal and friction assembly systems. Dukane's principal manufacturing and distribution facility is located in the Chicago western suburb of St. Charles, Illinois.

Company Mission

Dukane Corporation's mission is to serve customers in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets as a value-added provider of products and services which are the "standards of comparison" in each of their chosen markets.

Dukane Company History

The late Jack Stone Jr. joined his father's "amplified sound" company as a salesman in the early 1950s. His mission was to make it a player in the public marketplace. Back then, the company was one of the biggest makers of loudspeakers in the world. Mr. Stone's father, the late J. McWilliams Stone Sr. invented the first portable radio in 1909. Later he invented the first clock radio, according to company officials. He catered to the military to rebuild his business after the Great Depression. Dukane became a major manufacturer of audio-visual equipment. They had other interesting products as well such as. Their development also included plastic welding machinery. Even as the company grew to hundreds of employees, Mr. Stone made it a point to know everyone who worked for him. He exuded the same charm and enthusiasm that made him a great salesman.

In 1962, Mr. Stone was appointed president and chief operating officer. He held that position until 2001, when he sold his family's business to members of management. Becoming vice chairman of the company.