Casio Wireless Projectors

Casio XJ-UT312WN Ultra Short Throw WXGA LampFree Projector
  • Throw Distance: Ultra Short-Throw
  • Warranty: 2 YEARS
  • Product Weight: 12.56 LBS
  • Warranty Details: 1. When used for less than 12 hours per day: Projector: three years | Light source: five years or 10,000 hours. 2. When used continuously for more than 12 hours per day: Projector: two years | Light source: two years or 6,000 hours.
  • UPC: 889232800905
  • Product Height: 6.02 IN

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Casio Wireless Projectors

An earth-friendly and low maintenance

An earth-friendly and low maintenance the Casio Wireless Projectors have a features such as power zoom lens making them a great portable projectors. Theses projectors eliminate the need for a short life mercury lamp and is economical to operate. They provides longer light source life than Casio mercury lamp while being more economical based on lamp replacement. The Wireless Projectors are compatible with Casio's Network Connector and C-Assist application for wireless display and collaboration.

Thanks to the WLAN capabilities, up to four computers can project at the same time via a single projector. Casio wireless projectors are therefore ideal for presentations and talks involving multiple speakers or for comparing solutions to problems in classrooms. Cumbersome wiring between the PC and projector is also a thing of the past. The quick and easy WLAN connection can be established via PC, tablet PC or smartphone.

Please see the Casio Wireless Projectors video below: