WolfVision VZ-9.4F - Document Camera 1080p 64x Zoom 60 FPS

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CMOS 1080p Desktop Visualizer

  • Comes with onboard recording functionality that allows entire presentations to be captured in exceptional quality, including the audio.
  • Allows for easy positioning of objects on the working surface.
  • Works with the vConnect software app for iPad
  • Enables use of a Bluetooth headset microphone to facilitate the recording of audio while moving around a room.
  • Can stream out video and audio to computers, tablets, or Smartphone’s on the internal network or the internet using H.264, Motion JPEG, or RTP Motion JPEG modes.
  • Feature a built-in widescreen preview monitor.
  • With an optical zoom that can pick up objects in full resolution.
  • Built to last for a very long time.
  • Can record almost anywhere in front of or behind the unit.
  • WolfVision Visualizers have an outstanding picture quality, which is due to a perfect blend of high end components and remarkable expertise.
  • Has a 1-CMOS camera with 1080p full HD native image format, with sRGB color precision
  • Recording up to 60 frames per second in all resolutions and giving 980 lines of visible resolution in every part of the picture including the edges.
  • Have a built-in light field for slides.
  • Can be connected to a computer using the USB 2.0 port.
  • Recorded videos and pictures can be saved to the 8GB Visualizer internal memory.
  • Enable videos and pictures to be either automatically or manually uploaded directly to an FTP server.
  • WolfVision's camera electronics produce a very strong and stable picture.
  • The Visualizer has two anti-theft devices.
  • Allows a user to save personal Visualizer settings onto a USB stick.
  • Have adjustable standby modes.
  • The LAN port provides Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), and is compatible with devices meeting the IEEE 802.3at standard.
  • Five-year warranty.
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