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Recordex Wireless 2.4GHz RF Interactive Tablet - iMMPad SE

  • Designed to fit perfectly in the hands of instructors and students alike
  • Trade show demo, looks used
  • Original box beat up
  • Great deal for the price
  • Full manufactures warranty
  • Include extra re-chargeable batteries
  • If you don't like it, return it, no questions asked
  • Control all of your computer's functions from the palm of your hand
  • Uses Recordex's own wireless RF technology
  • Control applications, annotate over images, or even the entire screen using the wireless pen
  • Included stylus works like a mouse; tap the pad to click, tap and hold for a second to right click
  • Simply plug in the USB dongle, and power on your pad
  • Power on the additional pads, push the sync button on the pad and within seconds you can link up to 30 pads to a single computer
  • 15 quick launch buttons give you quick one touch control over dozens of functions
  • Weighs under one pound and is built to withstand everyday classroom use
  • Tablet is powered by two rechargeable AA batteries
  • Gives you up to 40 hours of power under typical use between charges
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