Premier Mounts SYM-IB-EXT - Bar Coupler To Mate Two Symmetry Interface Bars Together

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Symmetry Interface Bar Extension Adapters

  • Bar Coupler To Mate Two Symmetry Interface Bars Together.
  • Symmetry Series system consists of two main components: interface bar and display brackets
  • 6-point (x,y,z) adjustments are easily accessible from the top of each fine tune display bracket
  • Non-adjustable display brackets with tilt offer an economical option
  • Quick and easy installation process to attach display brackets to the interface bar. “Click-It” locking feature confirms brackets are secure through an audible noise
  • Designed for multiple attachment configurations including: wall, ceiling, and stand
  • Built-in service kickstand provides 9° of bottom bracket tilt access for fine tune display brackets
  • Designed for scalability and installation efficiency
  • Interface bars are a lightweight aluminum design
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