Premier Mounts AM225 - Extending Swivel Mount

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Double Arm Swingout.

  • Stylish Design - Sleek, sturdy and unobtrusive.
  • Adjustable Extension - Your flat panel stays at the extension you choose regardless of flat-panel size or weight.
  • Cable Management - Use zip ties and openings to keep cables from being pinched and reduce unsightly cable clutter.
  • Post-Installation Adjustments - Remove the M5 side screws on top of the mounting plate to allow for swivel.
  • Robust Mount Design - The heavy duty wall frame ensures that your flat-panel stays were you installed it.
  • Versatile - Use a P4263F or P4263T mount to attach the display to the AM225.
  • Installation on Stud Placement - The mounting brackets are designed to easily attach to 12" or 16" studs.
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