Lumens DC193 - Document Camera 3.25 Mega Pixels 1080p Built-in Mic

Good, but lens not wide enough


this device has excellent features, but it is spoiled by the lens not being wide enough. Lumens claim that it will shoot an area of 318 x 420mm, which is A3 - (our inatallation spec requires it) however in practice in best conditions, the best we could get was 410 x 250mm - it loses a good 2 inches off the bottom of the image. Our users are complaining. To get that full sized A3 area, you have to raise the whole camera more than 135mm! A change in the lens would sort the issue. an otherwise good device spoiled by possibly dishonest spec claims.

B Cooke on Apr 19, 2021 I found this helpful (0)

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