Lumens Digital Optics Inc., a Pegatron Group company, is a leader in optical products. Lumens’ product offerings include portable document cameras, desktop document cameras, a ceiling document camera, HD PTZ cameras, and projection engines.

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A world leader in optical products

Founded in 1998, Lumens Digital Optics Inc. was created by a team with a deep technological heritage of image processing, video electronics, and optical technology. Lumens’ product offerings include portable document cameras, desktop document cameras, a ceiling document camera, HD PTZ cameras, and projection engines. Lumens is part of Pegatron Group company, and with its support, Lumens is continuously improving product designs to be used in classrooms, conference rooms, and for distance learning.
The company’s global headquarters are in Hsinchu, Taiwan. With manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan, Lumens has also additional branch offices located in the United States, Belgium, and China. Independent sales representatives in the United Kingdom, Australia, India, and Chile further enhance the company’s international operations. Finally, shipping warehouses in the United States and Netherlands serve to shorten product delivery time. All in all, Lumens has established more than 100 sites in 44 countries around the world.

Ladibug™ - high definition document cameras

Ladibug-SeriesThe Lumens Ladibug™ document cameras come with a professional image sensor to deliver vivid colors at high definition. Available in full HD 1080p output resolution with 30 frames per second; these cameras transmit a streaming image smoothly in real time without delays.
Ladibug visual presenters have no joints, highly flexible gooseneck that enable 360° viewing angle and object viewing from just 4 cm to observe an objects finer detail. Press one button to get the perfect image quality every time. Exclusive annotation over a live image for the best interaction, and one-touch video recording to record presentations saved in variety image formats on computer for playback as required.

The stylish light weight design makes it easy to carry the Ladibug™ document cameras anywhere quickly for creative presentations.

Annotation-without-PCAnnotation without PC
Most document cameras require a PC to carry out image annotation. Lumens has developed a PC-free solution, using a USB wired or wireless mouse to enable the image to be directly edited.
Extremely smooth dynamic image
With 30 fps, the Ladibug document cameras capture every tiny movement during playback without delays. Even flapping insect wings can be clearly observed in great detail.

Video-Audio-RecordingAuto tune
With the convenient single button to adjust the clarity, brightness and color according to the actual environment automatically.
Video/Audio recording and extra storage
With a built-in microphone and just one-button to record video and audio synchronously on board directly without a PC. The SD card storage is convenient to record training, meetings, seminars and lectures.

Environmental standards

GreenLumens products comply with the most stringent safety, health, and environmental standards in the industry. As part of the company’s efforts to support worldwide environmental sustainability, Lumens further encourages companies and schools to share the importance of sustainability with students and customers.

Standards with which Lumens products comply include: the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS), the Federal Communications Commission Electromagnetic Interference (FCC_EMI), Communications Unit Leader (CUL), Conformity European Electromagnetic Compatibility (CE-EMC), Conformity EuropeanLow-Voltage Directive (CE-LVD), and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). As a company, Lumens believes in preserving environmental health for current and future generations.