HoverCam HCS8S Solo 8 Document Camera

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Chromebook Compatible Solo 8, 8.0 MP, USB 3.0, 30 fps video

  • Now compatible with Chromebooks using the new Hovercam Chrome App.
  • 8.0 MegaPixel resolution - HD clarity in still image or live video.
  • Constant 30fps full motion video uncompressed 1080P or 720P
  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed performance - streams UVC video over USB 3.0 or USB 2.0
  • Amazing clarity and vibrant picture color
  • With a maximum shooting area of: 13” x 21”, so you can zoom from a 13” x 21” image to the fine details of a coin
  • Easily conduct live, real-time video presentations
  • Record hours of stunning 30fps full motion video for flipped learning
  • Scan from A3 size to business cards directly to PDF; OCR software included
  • Engage in online video communication, distance learning, video craftsmanship
  • Multiple pivots allow for maximum poseability and enables a 10X mechanical zoom
  • Weighted camera base ensures stability when standing, pivoted or tilted
  • Control the camera without a mouse or keyboard with shortcut buttons
  • Archive and organize with the convenience of a full-featured archive manager
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