ELMO 5ZA0000104X - AC Adapter w/Power Cord (Black)

0 reviews | Catalog: 5ZA0000104X | UPC: 5ZA0000104C | Model: ELMO 5ZA0000104X

AC Adapter for TT-12/TT-02 / TT-02u / TT-02s / TT-02RX / HV-110u / HV-100XG / HV-110XG / EV-200 / CO-10 (this is a spare power cord and supply in the event that you lose one, units ship with power supply)

  • AC Adapter With AC Power Cord
  • For TT-12, TT-02, TT-02u, TT-02s, TT-02RX, HV-110u, HV-100XG, HV-110XG, EV-200 and CO-10
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