ELMO 1386-SGB - Document Camera 1080p 8 Mega Pixels Android Powered

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MO-2 + Scottie GO Basic

  • MO-2 STEM Cam + Scottie GO Basic
  • 16x Digital Zoom w/ One-push AF
  • 1080p Full HD Resolution at 30fps
  • USB 2.0, VGA, and HDMI Outputs
  • Android-Powered Smart STEM Cam
  • HDMI Input Pass Through
  • Miracast Wireless Presentation
  • LAN / Wi-Fi Network Capability
  • Browser Application
  • QR Code Reader Application
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Augmented Reality (AR) App Support
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FeaturesBuilt-in-Mic, Software IntegrationBuilt-in-Mic, Software IntegrationSoftware IntegrationSoftware IntegrationSoftware IntegrationSoftware IntegrationBuilt-in-Mic, Software IntegrationBuilt-in-Mic, Software IntegrationAnnotationAnnotationAnnotation, Interactivity, Software IntegrationBuilt-in-Mic, Software Integration
TypeMechanical ArmMechanical ArmMechanical ArmMechanical ArmMechanical ArmMechanical ArmMechanical ArmMechanical ArmFlex ArmFlex ArmFlex ArmMechanical Arm
Optical Zoom0 Zoom Magnification0 Zoom Magnification0 Zoom Magnification0 Zoom Magnification0 Zoom Magnification0 Zoom Magnification0 Zoom Magnification0 Zoom Magnification12 Zoom Magnification12 Zoom Magnification12 Zoom Magnification0 Zoom Magnification



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