ELMO 1337-2 Document Cameras - Mega Pixels (MP): 5 Megapixels, Digital Zoom: 8

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MO-1 Visual Presenter: Black

  • A user-friendly device with an HDMI input/output, 8X digital zoom capability, 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, and 30 fps (full-motion) when used in 720p.
  • Ultra compact and high portability
  • The simple design of the control panel ensures easy operation
  • Flexible camera arm and camera head
  • High-precision visual presentation tool
  • Built-in Microphone allows you to use the MO-1 as a web cam for important online meetings.
  • SD card slot, HDMI input, powered via USB
  • Handy portable starter kit for teachers, lawyers and business presenters who want more flexibility while presentation.
  • The CRA-1 allows you to easily make annotations on live images.
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