Casio XJ-ST155 Projector

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Bright: 3000, Resolution: XGA, USB: Yes, 3D: Yes, 2GB Mem: No, LAN: Yes, Short Throw:XGA.

  • 2.64 ft for 60 inch screen (0.68 Throw Ratio)
  • It provides 10X longer light source life than Casio mercury lamp while being more economical based on lamp replacement. 
  • The Casio Hybrid Light Source projector features quick startup and shutdown. 
  • The projector reaches its maximum brightness in a minimum of 8 seconds and requires no cooling down period.
  • Up to 32 PC's can be connected at one time with 4 simultaneously active on screen!
  • The Casio Hybrid Light Source projectors deliver a 50 percent increase in color spectrum for high impact presentations due to improvements in LED and laser technology. 
  • The LampFree® design is backed by a comprehensive 3 year warranty including the light source.
  • The Casio projectors can display DLP 3D Ready content from a DLP 3D Ready capable computer and with the optional 2D-3D conversion software convert and view 2D composite video content. 
  • Auto brightness adjustment saves power and reduces eye fatigue.
  • Casio provides a 3 year warranty on the projector and 3 years or 6,000-hour usage on the light source.
  • Compatible with Casio's Network Connector and C-Assist app for wireless display and collaboration
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