Boxlight MMC-MYBOT-500GB - Mimio MicroCloud Classroom Server, Up to 2 TB Storage

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Mimio MicroCloud Classroom Server, Comprised of 3 Major Components, Up to 2 TB Storage

  • Plug-and-play MicroCloud solution with powerful tools and possibilities
  • Wi-Fi access point functionality to allow easy connection to locally cached resources
  • Access your digital content instantly from a local repository
  • Manages your Internet access by profile, giving the right permissions to students and teachers
  • Improve your internet speed by caching HTTP and HTTPS pages and prioritizing access by user profile
  • Manages content and configuration of hundreds of schools from a central location
  • Works across all educational environments (urban, remote, private, and highly secure) regardless of location
  • Compatible with any student device (notebooks, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, etc)
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